Plantkor has been supplying and manufacturing agricultural equipment for 25 years.
There are two main divisions: Pig Farm Systems and Mill & Mixing Systems.

Plantkor manufactures and supplies high quality equipment to the pig industry of Africa:

  • Breeding pens and fencing
  • Boar pens
  • Group housing for sows (Freedom stalls with transponders. ESF)
  • Gestation stalls
  • Farrowing crates
  • Nursery and finishing pens
  • Various models of feeders, troughs and drinkers.
  • Diverse types of flooring
  • Manure handling systems
  • Automated feeding systems (Wet and dry)
  • Heating, ventilation and cooling systems

Besides efficient and utmost durable equipment, Plantkor provides design, consulting, pig management, expertise in pig production and engineering, thus enabling the company to handle complete turnkey projects (excluding building structures). Plantkor specialises in assisting pig producers in Africa with designing their projects by taking into consideration location, size, climate, breeds, future plans and available capital.

The Plantkor programs and systems consist of carefully selected top of the range products from Denmark, Holland, Spain, Germany and South Africa. Combined with our national and international know how in pig production our systems have been used on pig operations worldwide for many years with excellent results. Due to its versatility, the Plantkor systems are suitable for all types of facilities, from small (50 to 500 sows) to very large (+ 10,000 sows), new and renovation.

Plantkor's outstanding advantages:

  • Adjustment to specific local needs
  • Reduction of labour due to automation
  • Durability and reliability
  • Easiness of installation and use
  • User and animal friendly
  • Optimal growth and improved comfort of pigs
  • Healthy work environment
  • Highly efficient pig units
  • Low energy use
  • Quick return on investment

Proper management associated with Plantkor Pig Farm Equipment guarantees the best results and maximum production giving an optimal return on investment.


Plantkor is one of the leading suppliers of equipment for the production of animal feeds as well as the milling of crops for human consumption, in Africa and the Southern Hemisphere.

Plantkor offers complete systems ranging from simple standard farm machines to advanced computer controlled turnkey installations. Our systems are designed to be beneficial not only to the animals but also to the personal employed. In addition our systems are economical to install and operate.

Plantkor works closely with efficient farmers, agricultural advisers and experimental stations. This program of co-operation combined with our excellent relationship with our suppliers provides us with the best possible foundation for providing the best and most versatile solutions on the market. Furthermore, not only do we supply the product that our customers need, we also provide them with detailed advice and guidance about feeding their herds or setting up the best flour or maize milling plant.

Plantkor supplies the following:

Maize mills                                  500kg to 3000kg per hour.
Flour mills                                    500kg to 3000kg per hour.
Feed mills                                    Basic mil and mix to computerised plants.
Silos                                              500kg to 10,000 kg.
Grain handling equipment       Flex augers, elevators, augers.

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