The demands for protection of our environment will in the future be tightened towards many trades - agriculture too, will be met with new demands. A reduction of the discharge of Nitrogen and Phosphorus from livestock manure is already a subject brought into focus in several European countries. In South Africa the change of regulations for the existing livestock units/ha to the limit values for discharging Nitrogen and Phosphorus has already been implemented.

If the slurry content of Nitrogen and Phosphorus can be controlled via the feeding, you can produce more pigs in the same area. The effect of this will be a better total economy for the farm together with a better protection of the environment.

The reduction of Nitrogen and Phosphorus in the slurry is achieved by adapting the feed to the need of the pigs during the growing period. This will demand feeding with two or more mixtures from placing weaner pigs in the rearing pen to slaughter weight. In practice this can be achieved by mounting more feeding systems in the same stable or by moving the pigs into separate stables during the growing period. Both solutions are expensive and unpractical.

Now SKIOLD have come up with the optimum solution:

With the TransPork® phase 3 you can feed up to three mixtures down the same pipeline. The third mixture can be a mix of the first two, the composition of which is automatically taken care of by the installation controller, or it can be a separate finished mixture.

Between the fillings of the feed dispensers with the various mixtures, the pipeline is emptied. In this way no mixing will take place in the installation. The installation is controlled by a TransPork® Phase 3 controller, ensuring that the installation covers all necessary functions in modern pig production.

Phase feeding slide

The feed outlet is equipped with a long, stainless slide. The slide can be set in three positions, all according to the feed type to be fed in the pigsty in question. The feed pipe is equipped with a label clearly indicating the chosen feed.

Change of feed

A motor takes care of driving the slide into position for the correct feed mixture


Overflow hoppers

Before filling, the remaining feed left in the system can be emptied from the pipeline back into a small hopper. The opening and closing side above the hopper is done via a 24V automatic valve. At the start of each ration the overflow hopper is emptied before the feed is taken from the original silo.


TransPork® Phase 3 controller

The installation controller is computer controlled and supervises all functions. From here all the programming is done. 40 starting times can be entered. The display gives information and possible alarms. The logical and handy controller observes the strict EU demands.



*Easy cleaning by detachable sides
*Made from quality material
*100% manufactured in Denmark
*Can be installed in both single and double rows
*Easy to read scale
*Can be adjusted while filled with feed
*Available for Ø50,8 mm TransPork pipe
*Available in 4, 6, 8,10 and 12 liter versions
*Usable for TransPork Phase-3 phase system - with stainless throttle for 3 kinds of feed

With a unique kit-form system Plantkor's new volume dispensers are a evolutionary innovation. By pulling one or both dispenser sides down you are offered free access for cleaning the dispensers.




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