The complete crusher program offers crushers for any livestock size, from a few horses up to several hundred dairy cows. There are 4 different basic models of crushers.

KB80 is the smallest crusher in the program. It is a compact and low noise crusher with simple operation via two adjusting handles, one for crushing degree and one for capacity. The KB80 crusher is especially well suited for crushing grain for horses, because it is possible to remove the dust out of the feed, by using a standard vacuum cleaner via the special adaptor.

KB160 is the most popular crusher size, with a 4kW electric motor and a capacity to cover most needs on livestock farms with 40 to 150 dairy cows. KB160 can be delivered in two models: with two or three rollers which makes it well suited for normal cereals as well as peas and maize.

KB200 crushers with two or three rollers are mainly used on larger farms with up to 200 dairy cows and where a larger capacity is required.

KB300 is equipped with three rollers as a standard model. The large capacity range addresses the needs of the largest farms.



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