The semi-automatic bagging unit is unique and very simple in construction, with few movable parts. Thus is it easy to maintain and most of all, easy for the user to operate.

The bagging unit is built up of a pre bin with a non blocking system to avoid the flour from blocking up. At the base of the pre bin are two augers; one for coarse proportioning and one for fine proportioning directly into the flour bag placed on the load cell, which is mounted in the stainless steel table.

The computer secures an exact weighing and registers each weighing, enabling the user to read from the display the number of weighing's and the number of kg having been weighed. The computer is preset to the required amount of flour to be weighed, i.e. between 1 and 10 kg.

The semi-automatic bagging unit is delivered complete with electrical control board.



Plantkor | South Africa