A flour plant from Plantkor is more than just a machine. To us flour is not only a question of production but also a question of nutrition - and about independence from others when it comes to the supply of provisions.

The Plantkor flour plants are complete with components for the whole process from raw material to flour. We experience an increasing demand for provisions of high food value and our plants are used in bakeries, mills and regional communities all over the world.

The flour plant is equipped with exactly the right equipment to achieve a product of high quality. In this way we ensure the highest possible yield from the smallest possible investment.

The flour plant can be adjusted to grind many types of cereals and adapted to the most difficult production conditions. The plant can be supplied with a diesel operated generator and thus used in areas without electricity. A flexible module system is the basis of the flour plants from Plantkor. This means that each element is manufactured in such a way that it can be install in many types of buildings.


The Plantkor flour plant is easy to use. Having gone through our instruction manual, the operator can easily work the plant. The plant only requires minimum maintenance which can be taken care of on the site. The basic Plantkor flour plant comprises of a grain cleaner, a flour mill and a sifter interconnected with an auger pneumatic transport and a control panel. If needed the basic plant can be upgraded with silo, humidifier and roller mill in order to produce flour of the highest quality (white flour), depending on the quality of the grain.

The Complete System

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