FS 1000

The flour sifter type FS 1000 has three built in chambers, each with an outlet (No. 1, 2 and 3). Furthermore, there is a remaining external outlet (No.4). The sifting chambers numbers 1, 2 and 3 are used for sifting flour and can be equipped with different screen sizes. The 4th outlet is for discharge of bran directly into a sack.

A standard flour sifter type FS 1000 is delivered with the following screen sizes:

  • 1st outlet 160 my (GOST 49, 52)

  • 2nd outlet 210 my (GOST 35,38)

  • 3rd outlet 500 my (GOST 16)

The flour sifter type FS 1000 is made from stainless steel. The chamber catches are mounted obliquely in horizontal direction in order to push the flour particles to the sifting chambers where these are sifted according to sizes.

The FS 1000 works according to the air circulation principle and is adjusted to sift the flour into various degrees of fineness.



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